Grooved Rollers

Grooved Driven Conveyor rollers offer the most economical and simplest powered method form of transporting loads from the one point to another point.

Grooved rollers for lineshaft conveyors are available with zinc plated steel tubes and stainless steel tubes in a choice of tube diameters of 50mm.

Our grooved conveyor rollers are grooved suit varying diameters of round drive belts and available for use in either lineshaft or 24V DC Motorised Roller conveyors.

Roller can be single or multi grooved to suit varying diameters of round belts. Positions can be identified at time of enquiry.

Features and Options:

  • Single and Double Grooves option
  • Light and medium duty driven roller fitter with nylon O ring sprocket
  • Lineshaft and 24V DC motorized rollers conveyors
  • Mild steel, stainless steel and plastic options
  • Stainless steel options available for all fixed driven conveyor rollers

Series Product Features Diameter Range Shaft Range
1201 / 1202 O belt rollers, single or double groove light/medium duty conveyor rollers, custom made groove 50 14
1203 O belt pulley rollers, light/medium duty conveyor rollers 50 14
Shaft Type:
Spring Loaded Shaft

Un-machined round shaft are suitable for spring loaded rollers. Easy and toolless mounting between conveyor side frame

Internal Thread Shaft

Round shaft can be both end drilled and tapped at each end to enable the roller to be bolted between the conveyor side frame, thus increasing the rigidity of the conveyor.

Hex End Shaft

Hexagonal shaft for punched conveyor side frame with spring loaded. Hexagonal shape prevents the shaft from rotating in the side frame.

Milled Flats Shaft

Round shaft with two side milled flats are used in conveyor with slotted frames where rollers are lowered into position. In most cases the shaft is supplied fixed within the rollers.

Finish: Rollers are supplied either self colour, bright zinc plated or stainless steel finish.