Gravity Rollers

Gravity Conveyor rollers offer the most economical and simplest form of transporting loads from the one point to another point.

Our wide range of gravity rollers covers applications from light to heavy duty. Of particular benefits to gravity applications are our free running bearings that allow gravity conveyor rollers to work to their optimum level.

We have a wide range of other gravity roller options a handling performance of up to 500kg per roller.

Features and Options:

  • Free running bearings
  • Wide range of tube and shaft options
  • Mild steel, stainless steel and plastic options
  • Wide range to handle from 100gm to 500kg per roller capacity
  • Our most economical price rollers

Series Product Features Diameter Range Shaft Range
1101 PVC tube, polyamide bearing housing, light duty conveyor rollers 25, 38, 50 8,10,12
1102 Light and medium duty universal conveyor rollers, polyamide bearing housing 25, 38, 50, 60 , 76, 89 8,10,12,14,20
1103 Gravity conveyor rollers, steel bearing housing 50, 76, 89 14,20
Shaft Type:
Spring Loaded Shaft

Un-machined round shaft are suitable for spring loaded rollers. Easy and toolless mounting between conveyor side frame.

Internal Thread Shaft

Round shaft can be both end drilled and tapped at each end to enable the roller to be bolted between the conveyor side frame, thus increasing the rigidity of the conveyor.

Hex End Shaft

Hexagonal shaft for punched conveyor side frame with spring loaded. Hexagonal shape prevents the shaft from rotating in the side frame.